Complaint Handling Process

If you make a complaint about our products, services, staff or procedures, we aim to deliver a resolution within 10 to 15 business days, or 2 business days where the complaint is urgent.

A complaint is urgent when:

  • You are being assessed or have been approved for financial hardship assistance and you believe your issue directly contributes to or worsens that hardship.
  • Your issue is about a disconnection that's about to happen, or a disconnection that has happened in error.
  • Your issue is about a service or situation that is dangerous to you or others.

Please contact us by calling 1300 171 721 for all urgent complaints to get the fastest possible response.

Making a Complaint:

Support & Billing Team
Please contact Internet On by calling 1300 171 721 or emailing If you choose to send an email, an Internet On Team member will reply with your reference number within 2 business days. The Team member handling your complaint will work with you to achieve a resolution.

Senior Team Member
If an Internet On Team member is not able resolve a complaint it can be escalated to a Senior Team Member. If a Senior Team Member is unavailable at the time you ask for them; they will call you back once they become available, or you may request a call back during a time more convenient for you. This time must be during Internet On’s opening hours, 10AM to 7PM (local time), 5 days a week.

Team Manager
If a Senior Team member is not able resolve a complaint, it can be passed up to a Team Manager. The Manager will review your complaint and respond within 2 business days and attempt to achieve a resolution.

The Industry Ombudsman
If your complaint isn’t resolved, Internet On may recommend you contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) for independent advice. Internet On asks that if you do have a complaint, you contact us before going to the TIO. In our experience, complaints can be resolved much faster through Internet On.

The TIO Can Be Contacted by:
Telephone: 1800 062 058 or 03 8600 8700
Fax: 1800 630 614 or 03 8600 8797
You can also contact the Office of Fair Trading in your State or Territory.



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